Roulette Systems

Casino gamblers have tried to find ways of beating the odds at Roulette, can it be done? Lets have a look at an example:

Probably the most famous and simplest system is the Martingale , the idea is you bet on an even chance bet such as Red, you bet 1 unit if you win, great, if not, you place 2 units and keep doubling until you win. No matter at which point you win, you make 1 unit profit. In theory eventually you will win but, what if Black comes up 10 times in a row (It does happen, I have seen it more than once), your last bet would be 512 units, if you have not run out of money by then, you would have exceeded the house limit long ago. Result, it works until you have a bad run, at this point you lose a fortune (fail).

As you can see, this would be disastrous, you have to know when to stop! After Black coming up say 8 times in a row, what is coming up next, even intelligent people will say 'It's got to be Red' but when that ball is spun again there is no probability, it can land anywhere, just as likely Black as it is Red. However, probability does play a part, unfortunately it only applies on an infinite number of spins, never just a few.

If you play a system you will likely try either, making big wins/losses very quickly, in other words a high risk system, or, small wins/losses over a long period of time. I have probably sounded very negative of Roulette systems so far, but in fact I am quite a fan of systems and use various ones from time to time, click on the links below to see a description of each system available.


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